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 at 10:30 am

"A Church with a Hearth of Christ in the Heart of Milton"

107 S Front Street, Milton PA 17847

Pastor Travis Allshouse

We are excited to announce that “Messy Church” will begin on Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 10am.

If you are unsure of what Messy Church is here is a brief description.
Messy Church is meant to meet people where they are at in their lives. Sometimes people feel that their lives are too messy to come to church, and that they need to get their lives on track before they can come to church or approach God. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus teaches us. Messy Church is a fresh expression of church that is aimed at meeting people in the messiness of their lives. It is also a way to show everybody that church can be fun and not stuffy. In Messy Church, we can show that it is okay to be loud, to move around, and yes, even be a little messy.

Messy Church is not just for children, and is not a sole attempt to start a children’s ministry, or youth group. It is for families to come and worship God together in a new way.

Messy Church is also not a place where parents can drop their kids off to go and run errands.  An adult is required to be with a child during Messy Church. 

Starting August 29th:  New Sermon Series

"Stride: Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Your Church"


Books are available in the Sancturay or Fellowship Hall.

Sermons by Pastor Travis:


This Sunday, October 17, 2021

   Scripture:  Exodus  "The Discipline of Sabbath"


Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

Bethany Goes Green! 
 In an effort to take better care of the resources that God has so richly given us, we are excited to share ways that we here at Bethany are making efforts to lower our carbon footprint. We have proudly instituted Recycling here at Bethany for items that are used in the church and offices.  Aluminum, cardboard, clear plastic, glass, paper, and Styrofoam items are accepted and must be separated. In the main building, there are green bins located below the coffee station table in the Contemporary Sanctuary that are labeled with the items to be placed in them. In The Parish House there is a box for paper in the administrative assistant’s office and bins in the break/kitchen area for the other items.  
Please do your best to help Bethany go green and do our part to save the planet!!

B ethany’s

E ffort

T oward

H ealth

“Washed Clean Kits”

We have launched a new ongoing ministry here at Bethany. The “Toasty Toes Sock Ministry” will provide new socks to those in need.   Socks will be handed out at both of the Community Dinners that we serve and assist with and at Milton Towers and other limited income housing projects in town. We are collecting pairs of new socks in all sizes & genders from infants to adults.  Please deposit socks in the laundry basket at the front of the sanctuary on any Sunday or bring them into the church office Monday, Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm & Fri 9 am - 12:30 pm.

 “Share the Warmth” Coat Ministry this year will be a call in need basis to provide coats to those in need.  If you know anyone or yourself in need for a coat, please call the church office at 570-742-9796, with sizing and we will check for availability.

If you're doing end of summer clean-out of your closets, we accept coats/hats/scarves & and in great need is children’s coats for the Mission. 

Please bring in your donations to the church (Bethany UMC, 18 Center St, Milton PA 17847) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am- Noon or at the Sunday Worship Service at 10:30 am.


Bethany UMC helping St. Andrew's UMC Panther Packs Ministry:

“Sharing the Table” Milton Panther Packs Program is a way you can help this important ministry to feed the children in the Milton School District elementary schools. Bethany UMC will be in charge of providing to as many as 350 children per week, of fruit cups and individual boxes of cereals.  Also in need of plastic grocery bags.  Please bring in those items of the first of the month for “Sharing the Table”. 

Next Food Collection Communion Dates: November 7, 2021

Or bring into the church office, Monday, Wednesday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm or Friday 9:00 am - 12:30 pm.

Update:  Bethany reopens for worship - August 22, 2021 -   Praise the Lord!!!!!

The church building was damaged due to the fire but the church is going strong.  God’s word tells us God will be with us through the water and the fire (Isaiah 43:2).  As a church, we survived the flood and we will survive the fire.​    If anyone would wish to send a monetary gift, please make it out to: Bethany UMC Fire Restoration Fund at Bethany UMC, 18 Center St, Milton PA 17847.      Thank You and God Bless!


BETH "Washed Clean Kits" (Hygiene Kits)

Bethany is proud and excited to announce we are launching a personal hygiene packs ministry for members of our community!  This will be an ongoing ministry and collection of materials will continue to be placed in the bins in the sanctuary. There will be events held at the church on tables that will be set up and individuals will be able to select from the items available for their own needs. We delivered 20 BETH Washed Clean kits to the HandUp women's shelter  “Renewed Hope Women’s Home” . 

The items that we are accepting for the packs are: 
Soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body sprays, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand/body lotion, wash cloths, hand towels, disposable personal/baby wipes, feminine products, toilet paper, and both baby and adult diapers. 

The small individual, hotel-sized bottles are preferred but any donations are welcomed! 

We thank you in advance for your support of this exciting new ministry!! 

Next Community Dinner's (which Bethany members helpout):

Milton Harvest Community Dinner is back (Every Monday's), starting Monday, March 1st from 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm. at St. Andrew's UMC (Parking Lot) 102 Lower Market St, Milton PA.   [Note:  No in-person meals at this time.  They will be walk-up or drive-through only.]  This month will be Soup & Bread meals to go.

Milton Parish Community Dinner (St Paul's UCC Church) – 1125 Mahoning St, Milton PA) Community Dinner are back, Next Dinner will be held on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Drive-up Only)