Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

VBS 2017

Renegade Gospel for Children & Renegade Gospel for Teens

  ​Children & Youth

   The foundation of our new children’s ministry is built of the Godly Play curriculum. A Montessori-style of learning that is very hands-on and allows children to participate in Sunday School in ways unlike they have ever participated before. Children will engage the Bible through story, their questions and play. Godly Play is offered during all worship services.

   We are committed to reaching out and nurturing children and youth in the faith of Jesus Christ. To that end, many of our outreach opportunities are focused on children and youth and we try to offer the best curricula for faith development for them that we can through our Godly Play Sunday School, VBS and the various Bible Studies that youth are encouraged to participate in which parallels the adult studies offered. We are very serious about creating safe places for them to learn and grow in the faith while having fun. Part of that commitment is made through our Safe Sanctuaries policy which can be found at the bottom of this page.

   Like the adult version, Alpha is a Bible Study that focuses on the broader questions of what Christianity is and is not, while incorporating the questions that individual participants. Bethany is proud to be able to offer Alpha for Teens for teenagers who may or may not have grown up in the church, but who have a lot of questions or want to attend a good broad covering Bible Study.

Alpha for Teens

   During Lent, Bethany UMC teaches Renegade Gospel for adults, but we also have the corresponding versions for both children and for teens. The Renegade Gospel is a study written by Mike Slaughter of the Ginghamsburg Church and speaks to the radical nature of Jesus Christ's mission and ministry on earth and how the modern church has softened it a little bit. This study is designed to get children, teens and adults ready to embrace the radical Jesus and to truly take steps to live out the faith as He called His disciples to live.

   Each summer, Bethany offers a free week-long Vacation Bible School. Often in the evenings, one week in late June, VBS will offer an opportunity to explore God and faith through story-telling, missions, science, recreation, arts & crafts, friendship and music. As part of the program, we provide dinner and a snack for the children, so that parents do not have to worry about the time. This year our curriculum is the "Central Hero" published by Cokesbury.  VBS will be held the week of July 17th-July 21st every evening from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  This year VBS will be held at Christ Evan Lutheran, 1125 Mahoning St, Milton.

Godly Play