Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

   Christian Education is responsible for the spiritual deepening that comes through study. As our relationship with Christ can be viewed much like a relationship between two people, Christian Education provides opportunities for the Milton community and Bethany members to get to know Christ better through the lives of other participants, the wisdom of teachers and most importantly, the Scriptures themselves. Our Education Team works hard to select what we feel are some of the best studies to help participants deepen their regardless of what stage in their faith journey they may be. Therefore, some of our courses, like Alpha, provide a broad introduction to Christianity, some studies are tailored to specific life needs, like the Marriage Course, and help participants appreciate a Christian based approach to whatever life need the course focuses. We also offer various studies of increasing levels of commitment and depth. Our short term studies are perfect for those who are not ready for a nearly year round Bible study, but who want to delve a little deeper than a cursory reading of the Bible. Disciple and our leadership studies, however, have a much longer time frame and take nearly a full year to complete just one level of the study. These are perfect for the person who really wants to delve deep into Scripture and figure out how to understand it on a much deeper level. These are also designed for application to an entire life and the life of the church as ways of helping the church move forward. 

  ‚ÄčChristian Education