Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church


     A disciple is one who studies and learns from another teacher.  In order to learn the most you should study under the greatest teacher.   For the Christian that is to study the word of God as contained in the Bible.

     The next step is to then take what you learn and use it to help others learn.

     The great commission from Matthew chapter 28 verses 18-20 is where Christ spoke to his disciples and told them to go into the world spreading what they had been shown and taught so all would know what they know.

     We at Milton Bethany believe it is our call to bring all to the personal relationship with the Triune God.  If you are seeking for meaning and purpose in your life we offer a prsonal Savior who can and will fill those voids in your life.

     We leave you with this quote, "People will care not how much you know, until they know how much you care."

     We at the Milton Bethany church care enought to proclaim the truth, if that is what you seek then are are the church for you!