Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

     The basics for getting to know someone better includes spending time with them.  So we at Milton Bethany believe that in order to realize the best relationship with God and with each other, is the spending of time together in Bible study and worship.

     Sermons based on the scriptures of both the Hebrew Bible (Old Tetament), and the New Testament books.  Bring the Word of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit to those seeking the truth in a way that is understandable and applicable to our lives.

     Bible studies, both topical and verse by verse, are offered to help us to understand and find our purpose in this life as we prepare for eternity.  These classes are provided as a morning study and also a nightly time to help meet peoples schedules.  In terms of study time, they usually last between six and eight weeks.

     We have a Life Lessons time on Sunday mornings to help us prepare for the week ahead.  These  generally follow a weekly study plan provided by one of the leading Christian publishers.

     Milton Bethany also encourages a personal time in study and devotion to develop a personal relationship with the triune God.  We provide both the "Daily Bread" and "The Upper Room" for a daily devotion.  If you would like a more in-depth study the pastor can recommend other material that could be helpful for your own growth in God's word.

  ​Into the Word, into the World