Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

We believe worship serves two purposes, first to offer God thanks, praise and adoration for all that God has done in our lives, i.e. to worship God. It is also meant as an opportunity for quiet to allow God to guide us and lead us deeper into faith through His spoken Word and prayer time. Worship is currently offered every week with a  Traditional worship called "Gathering of the Family of God", tends to use hymns and the organ to accompany the Scripture and sermon in order to communicate the Word of God in a way that's relevant to the modern world. Devotionals are offered each week to help the Word continue to breathe life into attendees throughout the week. Traditional Service meets on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. Prayer services, special holiday services, and prayer vigils are also frequently offered as part of worship.   Sunday School called "Lessons for Life" is offered at 9:00 am Sunday mornings before worship.

Good works, community, prayers, and worship are shared among many religions, but then so is education. Therefore, Bethany United Methodist strives to provide a distinctively Christian education ministry. An education ministry that does not assume that once you are confirmed as a teenager or pass your new member class that you are finished. Instead, we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for various adult Bible studies and other classes in addition to our children's and youth program. We have classes ready for newly married couples, classes for couples with double digit anniversaries, classes for parents of small children and class for parents of teenagers. We have courses ready to go for the dating single and for the retired widow. It takes a lifetime to build a relationship and that includes one's relationship with Christ. So if you are a new believer who would benefit from Alpha we have you covered, and if you are a veteran of Christian teachings, then perhaps one of the 34 week intensive Disciple courses better meets your needs. If you need a family study, many of our short-term studies have full family curricula including adult, teen and child studies so the family can all be looking at the same Scriptures and lessons at the same time in age appropriate materials. Please feel free to take part in any of our educational opportunities and to invite friends, even if you don't attend our worship services.


Christian Education


Congregational Life (Fellowship & Caring Ministries)

Bethany United Methodist Church is focused on offering as many different opportunities and ways for you to connect to Jesus as we possibly can. We are committed to helping the non-believer, marginal believer, or veteran believer take their next steps toward becoming a disciple of Christ. We acknowledge that no pathway toward discipleship is exactly the same, but they all share common elements, a point of contact, invitations to go deeper and an intentional plan to help the first-time attendee move from visitor to disciple. Our choices in ministry options are all related to the discipleship process and have to help you grow in your faith and become more of a disciple in order to be offered and continued as part of our congregation. We regularly evaluate each program to that end. The following are the areas of focus that we use to organize our ministries.

One of the greatest needs in the present age is fellowship, a sense of belonging, a community that enfolds its members and yet is open to new members. Congregational Life is charged with the task of helping create that experience here at Bethany. Not only does it handle Stephen Ministries (long-term one-on-one caring relationships), but it also hosts many of the church events that helps its member connect and reconnect to the Bethany family. Some of these events are church dinners or luncheons, while others may be family movies nights, prayer nights, hymn sings, picnics, and the like. Through Congregational Life, Bethany has found its prayer ministries experience new life as well as its fellowship and caring ministries.

The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world from all the nations and people. It is the Great Commission given to us at the end of the book of Matthew. This is why we exist. At Bethany, we find that one of the best discipling tools is to serve, to actually begin to act like the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Not only do we transform the lives of those served, but the people who serve are transformed as well. We are constantly expanding our mission and outreach opportunities and looking for new ways to make a Kingdom of God impact in the world here and now. The best part, is anyone is welcome to join us in this endeavor. If you want to help out with us at the food bank, serving meals, donating to charitable causes, supporting missionaries, doing local area missions, we welcome your presence. If you have new ideas or ways in which we can help, we would be glad to hear those too.