Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

  ​Missions & Outreach

   As Christ transforms our interior lives and creates us in His image, we are called to do missions in the community and the world beyond our doors as a way of expressing and sharing that love. Our walk with Christ is not simply about the internal transformation of the Holy Spirit, but also a movement to go out and to transform the world in order to bring about the Kingdom of God, here and now. Part of that transformation happens through the changing of the lives of other individuals for Christ. This is where outreach enters in. Many organizations help the world and change the world. We work to change the world not just to make it a better place, but to make it a better place through and for Jesus Christ. While we could be like any other service organization out there, we are intentionally serving and loving the world because of Jesus Christ and we want to share that story with the world. The transformation that Christ has started in our lives is a transformation that is offered to all persons, because all persons are of sacred worth. Sometimes when we only do missions, we are simply putting a bandage on a much deeper wound, but when we reach out and offer Christ to the world, we are offering a solution to the underlying problem of sin, and healing those wounds with the love of God.

   Our current Missions & Outreach projects:

No Time Commitments:

Sharing the Table (Food donations on the 1st Sunday each month for the Food Bank)

Panther Packs (Fruit Cup donations for Milton children who don't have enough to eat)

Harvest Home (Food donations for Thanksgiving)

Angel Tree for Salvation Army (December)

Bishops Partners in Mission (Monetary donations to Imagine No Malaria and Mission Central)

Missionary Support

Low Time Commitments:

Community Harvest Dinner (3 Monday evenings per year)

Community Concerts

Easter Basket Giveaway (1st or 2nd Wednesday of the month closest to but before Easter)

Community Easter Egg Hunt (Saturday before Palm Sunday)

Bachelorette Service (An evening prior to Milton Graduation Ceremony)

4th of July Cookout (Sunday before 4th of July Weekend)

Harvest Festival Booth (3rd Saturday in September)

Crop Walk (Weekend in October)

Coat Giveaway (2 weekends in October / early November)

Christmas Cookie Sale (December)

Medium Time Commitments:

Community Dinners (Sunday evening, once every other month)

Easter Candy Sale (Multiple weeks prior to Easter)

Music in the Park (Thursday evenings during summer)

Major Time Commitments:

Read to Children at the YMCA (weekly)

Volunteer at Hand Up Foundation (weekly)

Volunteer at Evangelical Hospital (weekly)

Volunteer at Love Inc. (as needed)

Volunteer at the Jungle Teen Center (weekly)

Stephen Ministries

​Mission Trips (Haiti)

Volunteer in Mission (through Susquehanna Annual Conference)

Future Opportunities:

Mission Trips

Volunteer in Mission Team

​Open Mic Nights

Church Carnival

​Trunk or Treat

Children's Christmas Craft Faire

Other ideas as they are brought to our attention...