Milton, PA

Bethany United Methodist Church

Our Pastor

Grace to you and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the healer of our brokenness and light our world.

             I would like to introduce myself, I am Travis Allshouse, or Pastor Travis.  My wife Jessica and I have been married for 10 years this month. Jessica is a teacher in Newport School District. We have two children. Our daughter Arabella, or Arie is 5 years old.  Arie loves babies, both real and plastic. She also loves reading and playing on her iPad. Our son Elias was born on May 25. He loves eating and sleeping.

            Here are some things to know about me. I love reading and am an avid collector of books. I believe that one can never have too many books, much to the chagrin to Jessica. I am a fan of football and baseball. My favorite professional football team is the Steelers and my favorite baseball team is the Orioles. Above my love for the Steelers and the Orioles, however, is my love of Duke University athletics, especially football, baseball and basketball.  It will be very common to see me in Duke t-shirts and hat.

            My passion in ministry is to bring people to a loving relationship with Jesus, and into a community of believers. I believe that this can be done in many new and creative ways. It is my hope and prayer that we can create new ways of worship for new people here in Milton. We will do this by working together as a community and family. One thing that I sense is missing from people today is belonging. We have made our lives so individualistic that we no longer do things in community. Our journeys in faith are not meant to be done alone. We are not meant to do life alone. So, as a community let us expand our community.

Jess and I would love to thank you all for the kindness and welcome that you have shown to us in this time of transition. We especially want to thank you for the meals that were brought to us on the day of our move.

Reverend Travis J Allshouse (Pastor Travis)